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Aloe Vera Emergency Spray - product every household must have!! (Dubai)  
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Title Aloe Vera Emergency Spray - product every household must have!!
Price AED 215 Location Dubai
Description The Aloe Vera Emergency Spray is a must for every household. I like to associate it with a Herb Garden as it is one indeed.

This is an all rounder product. Versatile skin care spray containing 83% Aloe Vera Gel. The selected herbal substances are pleasant,
refreshing, soothing and moisturising. Acts as a protectiosn film on the skin.
Relaxes stressed skin.

Its speciality: a unique combination of Aloe Vera Gel with well know selected herbs like marigold, milfoil, dandelion, sage. Intensifies the effect of the AV Concentrate, Cream with Propolis & Thermo Lotion.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Propolis Wax, Passion Haulm, camomile, borage, red sandalwood, dandelion root, marigold, thyme, milfoil, sage leaf extract, ginger root, eucalyptus ( it is indeed a "HERB GARDEN")

• Skin and hair care
• Can assist in eliminating dandruff & itchy scalp
• Rashes
• Revitalizes tired legs
• Intensifies the effect of all our Aloe Vera products
• Can be used as a foot deodorant
• Spray on to feet & shoes
• Heals such as cuts, burns, insect bites, sunburn, sore ears, sore throat, etc.

Use it any time
Massage into area of concern
Apply when required

Tip: Spray on to skin after sun bathing - the Emergency Spray provides your skin a comfortable cooling effect. Ideal also for scalp.

Test Results
The Emergency Spray was tested in 30 women aged 30 - 60 years by the Dernatest Gmbh in a period of 2 weeks in October 2007.
Test results showed:
100% confirmed skin irritations were relieved
100% confirmed, spray eases itchiness
100% confirmed, a calming effect on the skin

500 ml
AED 215

If you are looking for more Aloe vera products or have any health problems email me and I can recomend you some product that is suitable for your condition (various alergies, acne, psoriasis, diabetes, etc).

email: healthywithlr@gmail.com
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