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All Species Of parrots And Fertile Eggs for sale (Abu Dhabi)  
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Title All Species Of parrots And Fertile Eggs for sale
Price Call Location Abu Dhabi
Description My Species of birds are of high quality, and also i have eggs of all my birds so , all my parrots are hand raise, they are vet tested and will comes with up to
date health records. here are some of the birds i have available,Hyacinth Macaw,
Blue and Gold Macaw,Green Wing Macaw,Scarlet macaw,Black Palm cockatoo ,
Umbrella cockatoo,Galah Cockatoo,Moulucan cockatoo,Goffin cockatoo,
Sulpher crested cockatoo,Blue Fronted Amazon,Double yellow head Amazon,
Lilac Amazon,Yellow Nape Amazon,Tres marias amazon,Blue crown amazon,
Panama amazon,Electus red sided,Electus redsided,Congo african Grey,Timneh African Grey,Sun conure,Green Cheek conure ,Crimson Bellied Conure ,jenday conure,
Gold capped conure .you can as well get back for the list of fertile eggs .i sell both national and international get back for price list.
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Name atina
Phone 971-40020001 URL :
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